New addition to the blogroll

I just recently came across a wonderful Druid blog, Maria Ede-Weaving’s A Druid Thurible. I linked to one of Maria’s posts the other day in a comment (found here), and just a moment ago read her stunning guest post on Philip Carr-Gomm’s blog. Go and read – it will be time well spent.


5 thoughts on “New addition to the blogroll

  1. luckyloom1

    Hi! Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll (you are on mine too – I really enjoy reading yours!)and also for your kind comments about my post on Philip’s. I hope the sermon went well. I never stop being amazed how nature speaks to us just when we need it.

    Much love

  2. executivepagan Post author

    It did, thanks much! Several people said it spoke to where they are in their journey, which is always gratifying… (Never mind that I read your piece on the sexton beetle just before I left for the church, and almost scrapped the sermon in favor of reading that and being done with it!) I won’t bother posting the text here since most of it was drawn from previous posts :), but I expect that one or two new points from it will make their way here in the next week or two.

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