Some fun light verse

Courtesy of the last issue of Amphora, I’ve just come across an amusing collection of humorous poetry on Greek myth by a trained Classicist, Scott Emmons. His targets include Prometheus (Come On Baby, Swipe My Fire) and Narcissus (I Only Have Eyes For Me), among others. Here’s a quick sample:

Prometheus the Titan
was a rebel through and through.
A wily and resourceful sort,
As all the ancient bards report,
with quite a high I.Q.
His life’s a fascinating story,
Though some may find it rather gory.

He loved the race of mortal men,
though they were coarse and gritty;
And watching them from up on high,
This kind and sympathetic guy
was overcome with pity.
To make their lives a tad less squalid,
He thought he’d do them all a solid.

For mortals had it rough back then.
They couldn’t get a break.
They couldn’t light a cigarette,
Flambé a simple crepe suzette,
or even grill a steak.
To sum it up, their straits were dire,
For Zeus refused to give them fire.


5 thoughts on “Some fun light verse

  1. executivepagan Post author

    Oh yeah, Classics geeks as a group tend to be pretty humorous, actually. Check out Richard Armour’s book “The Classics Reclassified” for a really funny take on The Iliad (among many others)… Hector “plied swift knees” around the walls of Troy, which is a Homeric epithet for “ran like hell”. Good stuff!

    Now I feel a post about Classics-based humor coming on; there’s centuries of it… thanks!

  2. Feral Boy

    For more fun with ancient history, listen to the episode of The Goon Show
    called “The Histories of Pliny The Elder”. You can find the script here

    In the course of the mayhem, the Romans try to conquer England, and the English think
    it’s a soccer game …
    Caesar: [Approaching] I say,what is all this hold up about?

    Seagoon: Well, rough play, that’s what..

    Eccles: Yeah, yeah…

    Seagoon: Well, I mean, and then, and then, Jack, we can’t do with all this javelin practice when the ball’s in play! And another thing, you’re only allowed eleven men on the field. I’ve counted 693 of yours so far!

    Caesar: All right, I’ll send one off.


    First time I heard this one, couldn’t stop laughing!

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