New silly logo

I am proud(?) to unveil the new, official Executive Pagan logo… such as it is:

Pinstripe Pentacle

Pinstripe Pentacle


16 thoughts on “New silly logo

  1. executivepagan Post author

    And that’s what it is, really… I don’t think it has any practical application. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  2. R.D. Hammond

    Tried not to laugh, failed, made my coworkers thing I was an idiot in the process. =)

  3. jonolan

    Done as a pendant in silver and gold, it would be striking. With proper texturing, antiquing, and polishing, you could even get the pinstripes into the silver.

  4. maebius

    I quite like this. It’s marvelous!
    Simple, and to the point, while remaining just cheeky enough to smile and not be taken too seriously, yet then again full of symbolism and depth. :)

  5. Ephemeral Thoughts

    That is fricking awesome! (I tried to find synonyms for both fricking and awesome in order to create a new amazing word combination, but none of the words conveyed the same sense of coolness as “fricking” and “awesome” do.) ;-)

    Why isn’t it on your sidebar yet? Or in a header?

  6. Erik

    And the tie could be enameled… I can see it already. Nobody but me would buy one, of course, it would cost the earth – but it would be lovely!

  7. executivepagan Post author

    Thanks for the kind words, everybody! Pom – I have no idea. I thought it was just something to fool around with, but if it’s getting this positive a response… I think I’m going to have to add a logo line to my Cafepress store.

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  9. Pitch313

    I like it. It suggests some qualities of–and for–the more or less urban Pagan. Qualites that a Pantacle wearing a necktie sum up neatly.

    To me, the design would serve well as a wall plaque…

    Laffing with the Stars…

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