Poem – “The Man of Letters”

Another one from the archives… since getting back from my mini-vacation I haven’t had time to breathe, much less think coherently enough to write a blog post, and so this will have to suffice for the present. Enjoy!

The Man of Letters

I am a product of my time.
I phrase my thoughts in metered rhyme,
That those who read might understand
That mine is an erudite hand,
My faculty of thought well schooled
In all the Muse’s noble rules.
By this device I hope to show
That I am one who’s in the know,
And should be taken seriously,
With academic dignity
And contemplation scholarly;
Studied most assiduously,
That by such study you might gain
A measure of that scholar’s fame
That comes so free to such as I
Who, pen in hand, forever strive
To capture on a foolscap page
The distilled wisdom of an age –
And, finally, owe what fame we’ve got
To saying much while saying naught.


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