Bibliotheca – new release

Cross-posting this (from Sannion’s LJ) on behalf of the editors:

We are pleased to announce that Waters of Life: A Devotional
Anthology for Isis and Serapis, is now available for purchase. :)

She of Ten Thousand Names. Lord of The Everlasting. Aset and Wesir.
Iside and Osiride. Isis and Serapis.

Honored across the classical world and into the present – from the
banks of the Nile to the banks of the Thames to the shores of Los
Angeles – this unique collection is a living testament to the majesty
of these ancient deities. Scholarly essays, rich poetry, engaging
short stories, moving rituals and meditations, all testify to the
continuing love for this divine sister-wife and brother-husband.

An ancient inscription reads: Drink of the Waters of Life.
Come, and drink.

Many thanks to the many wonderful contributors, without whom this
devotional would not have been possible!

Rebecca and Jeremy


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