A poem for the season

This is another very old piece, circa 1992. Can you tell what I was reading then? *

I suggest listening to ELO’s Fire on High while reading.  :-)

Dark, Undark

Night comes to land

Dark, undark

Moon sails through clouds
Shadow stealthy slips through trees

Dark, undark

Brothers plot in cobweb corner
Sister runs through streets of city
Runs on cobbles red as heart’s blood

Dark, undark

Father rules in tight-fast tower
King of madness, lord of shadows
Mother sits in ancient king-seat
Rules the land to land’s undoing

Dark, undark

Outside city, jackals gather
Scent of life-force spiked with iron
Sentries stand on walls of palace
Heads well set on stony shoulders
Staring wild-eyed into darkness

Dark, undark

Horsemen riding, up from southward
Armor strong and weapons gleaming
Come to claim the night-bound city
Free her from her dark enslavement

Dark, undark

Soldiers meet with beasts in battle
Steel and claw in mortal combat
Rend the night and tear the shadows

Dark, undark

Moon sails through clouds
Shadow stealthy slips through trees

Dark, undark

Dawn stains sky with red of morning



Oh, and here’s a couple of additions to the Halloween mix – “Haunting” and “Turkish Song of the Damned” by The Pogues.

* Glen Cook’s Black Company series and Paul Edwin Zimmer‘s “Dark Border” books, if I remember correctly…


3 thoughts on “A poem for the season

  1. R.D. Hammond

    Enjoy the new year! I’m headed up to the Parthenon today to celebrate.

    It’s a bit early, but my fiancee made plans for tomorrow, and I’d rather please them both then anger Hera. ;)

  2. executivepagan Post author

    Ah, I haven’t been there in several years… We need to go back. It’s a bit of a hike, but a do-able weekend trip. Enjoy!

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