I’ve been trying to sort through my feelings about the USS New York since I heard about the warship christening last week, and I think that “saddened” about covers it. I’m saddened that, basically, everybody in the decision making process in our government felt that making yet another weapon was the best possible response to 9/11; that a unique opportunity was missed to take another path and use this highly symbolic and emotionally charged steel to create something that would work for peace instead of against it; and that a part of me responds to the symbolism with a touch of pride.

How powerful a message this warship sends is missed by nobody; but how powerful would have been the message had this 7.5 tons of steel gone instead to build something designed to give life, rather than take it away? Especially in conjunction with the news from Fort Hood, I am simply… saddened… as I see the great cycle of unnecessary death rolling forever on into the future.


6 thoughts on “Saddened

  1. Pitch313

    The LPD 17 class amphibious transport dock ships (the USS New Yourk is one) are naval vessels, to be sure. But not so much warships like destroyers or submarines. They aren’t intended to engage in sea combat, and they aren’t constructed to meet the materials and performance specifications of warships (mil spec).

    Because they are designed to carry hundreds of marines and a goodly amount of cargo, as well as helicopters, they could serve well on humanitarian and relief missions. A number of commentators have noted the multi-mission capabilities of this ship class.

    So yeah, WTC steel was re-cast into some structural members of this vessel, but the ships of the class could do various things other than deliver amphibious marines to battle. Including peaceful and helpful things.

  2. executivepagan Post author

    That’s good to know – thanks! I still see a lost opportunity and I’m afraid that the nuance may be lost on most of the intended audience… but I do feel a little better knowing that it’s more than just a weapon.

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