Archeology and the Iliad

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted anything meaningful… I’ve been going through a period of combined introspection (normal for me in the winter) and external life stuff happening that has just shattered my ability to think deeply about much of anything.

But anyway.

I’ve been using my commute the last week or so to listen to a lecture series from Modern Scholar, called Archeology and the Iliad by Eric H. Cline. The lectures cover the history of excavation at the site of Troy, from Schliemann up to the present, as well as presenting a reasonably deep and  broad overview of what we can and cannot say about the historical accuracy of the Iliad from the archeology. Absolutely riveting stuff; check your local library.

A PDF of the course guide can be freely downloaded from the second link above, although I’m perplexed to note that one of the best resources listed in the hard copy of the guide that came with the course is missing from the electronic copy: the website of the current excavation project. This site has a ton of information about the current excavations (through 2009) as well as a link to a nice educational site for children and teachers.


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