A change of heart

I have said – repeatedly – that I am a huge fan of Leonard Cohen’s writing, and an equally ardent fan of NOT hearing him sing… until just recently, when I stumbled across last year’s Live In London concert album, and I must now stand up and say that I have been converted. This is an amazing recording, warm, joyful and embracing. I admit that I miss a couple of favorite songs – Joan of Arc and The Story of Isaac leap to mind, as does Famous Blue Raincoat – but nobody with such an extensive catalog can include everything in any concert, and there is so much here that’s wonderful that it would feel ungrateful to complain about what’s missing.

If you like good songwriting and good live music, go get this one.


4 thoughts on “A change of heart

  1. nettle

    I had a friend who went to one of his ’09 shows – before the concert she told me she wasn’t really looking forward to it as she felt the same way you did. That made me all sulky with her as I was wildly jealous that she got to go at all when I couldn’t, but I got over it when I asked her how the concert was afterwards. She said, “Life-changing.” So, still jealous but I forgave her for speaking ill of my Leonard.

    I just found him doing “Everbody Knows” from the London show on Youtube. Maybe I’ll go post it later because it is brilliant.

  2. luckyloom1

    I love Famous Blue Raincoat! One of my favourite songs ever. I have to admit I am still at that stage where I love other people doing his songs but still struggle with that voice of his (same with Dylan for me too). However, I am always open to persuasion!

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