A fun little web toy

I’m working on a new series that I hope to start posting in a couple of days, but for the moment I’ll leave you with this…

Wordle.net has a word cloud generator that I was playing with a bit this morning; I had it generate one based on a search of this blog, and this is the result (after about 30 randomizations, just to see what options they had available). The one downside that I discovered too late is that changing any facet (font, pitch, etc) results in a reordering of the words – which is a bit of a shame, because the very first result had the phrase “make meaningful pagan worship” immediately below the word “gods” – and that’s just too cool! There are some neat juxtapostions in this version as well.

Wordle: Executive Pagan


2 thoughts on “A fun little web toy

  1. Hrafnkell

    I had fun with one of those too. I saved the image but I can’t remember if I ever posted it or not. Great fun. Mine is black and white – I like the color in yours.

  2. Ephemeral Thoughts

    I’ve done a few Wordles in the past. One was of Songs of Unforgetting and another was of Ephemeral Thoughts. I’d like to do another one, just of my pagan posts to see what it creates. :)

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