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PSA: books about the Gods

Posted by Erik on April 2, 2010

Two quick items:

1. The editors of the forthcoming Zeus devotional from Bibliotheca Alexandrina have extended the submission deadline until the end of April, so there’s still (a little) time to be included.

2. Sorita d’Este is working on a new devotional volume for Hekate (not related to Neos Alexandria or Bibliotheca Alexandrina in any way)…

[NOTE: for those who read the letter that was posted here, my apologies; Sorita informs me that the deadline has actually passed, but she was extending it for NA only since she’d just found out about us and we had produced a volume on Hekate already. Still, it ought to be a good book and well worth picking up, so I’m leaving the link to her site for your edification.]


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