Going silent for a while

I’ve been finding it harder and harder lately to come up with things to write about here, and it’s been showing in the depth and quality of my posts over the last couple of months; I’m also finding that I am less involved in online “life” overall at the moment, as other pressures take center stage.

With this is mind, I am taking some time off to regroup; I’m not sure yet when I’ll be back posting, although I’ll probably pop up in comment threads from time to time in the blogs I follow. May you all be well and happy until I return!

Sometimes when I’m thinking I know that I’m thinking too much
So I head out to find some connection to things that I trust
I turn off the voice in the movie that’s telling the tale
I silence the static and open myself to what’s real
– Gaia Consort, “No Shadows”

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