I’m still pretty much not writing this blog, but I did want to break the silence long enough to add my condolences to Phaedra Bonewits, and my best wishes for Isaac’s long and well-deserved rest in the Summerlands. We had the privilege of attending a CUUPs Convo a few years ago where Isaac and Kirk, the current ADF Archdruid, were the featured speakers; we were able to attend a couple of the workshops they gave, and  Isaac and Phaedra led the main ritual on Saturday night – it was a truly magical (in all the senses of the word!) experience.

Our world is a richer place for Isaac’s having walked here – may whatever comes next for him be as much a blessing as the ones he gave to us all.

[Edited to add: My condolences also extend to Isaac’s son, Arthur Lipp-Bonewits. May the Gods be with you in this time as your father joins your Ancestors.]


One thought on “Isaac

  1. kategladstone

    I have been wondering … I know that s lot of people were sending positive energy to Isaac Bonewits when they learned he had cancer: when a cancer receives positive energy (through that energy’s being sent to the person who has the cancer), is it possible that this could feed the cancer?

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