This song kicks ass

Actually it’s two songs, Sorrow/Babylon. The first one, “Sorrow”, is a (sub?)standard, rather namby-pamby folk-protest song, but around the 3:45 mark hold on to your seats because you’re going on a journey… into awesome!  The full title of the second song is “Babylon Is Fallen”, an old Shaker hymn from the early 19th century[1], and in a way it’s odd that I should like it so much, because it’s full of the kind of triumphalism that helped turn me off Christianity in the first place; but the music just grabs you and doesn’t let go.

Isaac Bonewits and Real Magic did a fairly clever parody/reinvention called “Avalon Is Rising”, where they not only rewrote the words but actually inverted the chorus so that the melody rises instead of falls; some day I would love to put together a band and give that song the treatment it deserves. For now, though, “Babylon” remains one of the true pinnacles of the folk/rock movement, and deserves to be remembered in all its glory:

[1]  If you want to know a LOT more about it, go <a href=”“>here</a>

2 thoughts on “This song kicks ass

  1. Leslie Fish

    Surprise! Somebody really did record Isaac Bonewits’ version, “Avalon Is Risen”. It’s available on the album of the same name, from Prometheus Music. Enjoy!

    –Leslie < Fish

  2. Erik

    Sweet! Going to check it out now… thanks for the comment, and let me take this opportunity to say how much I’ve enjoyed your work over the years!

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