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Shifting focus

In the last couple of months I have found that I may still have some things to say, but I have also determined that the Executive Pagan “identity” has outlived its usefulness.

I started up a new private blog back in August, just to use as a personal journal, but as it happens I haven’t really done much journaling there… so I have decided to open it up. It will probably be both more personal than this blog, and less narrowly focused; if anyone wants to join me in the journey you’ll be welcome, but be aware that I’ll be writing this one more for myself than for “publication” per se, and probably updating on a much more occasional basis.

So, going forward I can be found at Sightless Among Miracles… come along if you care to.

EP is officially on sabbatical

I realized today that it has been almost a month since I wrote anything, and over two since I wrote anything really worthwhile… and at the moment, I don’t miss it. I don’t know yet whether I’ve said everything I have to say in this venue, but for now I feel the need to open to some deep inner work without the distraction of feeling compelled to blog.

I may or may not be back online at some point, but for now, this is definitely more than an extended blog “vacation”. The archives are not going away, but I’m turning out the lights for now.

Hail and farewell! Be blessed.

Blog Action Day 2009

Passing this along:

Hey Bloggers,

We’re thrilled to announce that after receiving more than 10,000 votes from past Blog Action Day participants, the issue overwhelmingly voted as the topic for Blog Action Day 2009 is…Climate Change!

We just launched the new Blog Action Day site a few hours ago to accompany this announcement, and you can now register for Blog Action Day 09 by going to: Continue reading