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Tradition and innovation – guest post for DruidJournal

(NOTE:  Given that my posts tend run rather long, I am experimenting with adding a “cut” to reduce the amount of scrolling on the front page. Some people like this, some don’t; please let me know what you think! I’m happy to do it either way, whatever makes it easier on you, the reader.)

Jeff of DruidJournal asked some of us to guest-blog for him while he’s on vacation; unfortunately, there appears to be a technical issue with guests posting over there, so I am posting this here for now and adding a link in the comment box on DJ.

Given that this is a guest post for a Druid blog, I was going to talk about tradition and innovation in Druidry; but I realized quickly that Hellenism is where I see the differences more clearly, and that it made more sense to address the question from that perspective. Continue reading