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A new Hellenic festival

A member of Neos Alexandria, “Droops“, has developed a new Hellenistic spring festival – the Suarentauro – that is rooted in Greco-Roman and Vedic antecedents. It looks interesting; while the full festival requires three days and at least seven people, I may try the condensed solitary version and see how it flows. It might make a nice companion to Hector Lugo‘s Lampontas and Heliogenna festivals.


New books about “The Odyssey”

I was in the library the other day and found not one, but two recent books about Homer’s Odyssey. The first (and the one I was actually there to get) is No-Man’s Lands: One Man’s Odyssey Through The Odyssey, by Scott Huler. The author became entranced with The Odyssey at about my age, and decided to take six months and retrace Odysseus’ journey.

The other, serendipitous find is Sailing Home: Using the Wisdom of Homer’s Odyssey to Navigate Life’s Perils and Pitfalls, by Zen teacher Norman Fischer. Apparently Fischer has been using stories from The Odyssey for years to help illustrate his teaching, and decided that there was a book in it.

I’m currently reading both; if I find either or both of them to be exceptionally good (or bad) I’ll report back!