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This song kicks ass

Actually it’s two songs, Sorrow/Babylon. The first one, “Sorrow”, is a (sub?)standard, rather namby-pamby folk-protest song, but around the 3:45 mark hold on to your seats because you’re going on a journey… into awesome!  The full title of the second song is “Babylon Is Fallen”, an old Shaker hymn from the early 19th century[1], and in a way it’s odd that I should like it so much, because it’s full of the kind of triumphalism that helped turn me off Christianity in the first place; but the music just grabs you and doesn’t let go.

Isaac Bonewits and Real Magic did a fairly clever parody/reinvention called “Avalon Is Rising”, where they not only rewrote the words but actually inverted the chorus so that the melody rises instead of falls; some day I would love to put together a band and give that song the treatment it deserves. For now, though, “Babylon” remains one of the true pinnacles of the folk/rock movement, and deserves to be remembered in all its glory:

[1]  If you want to know a LOT more about it, go <a href=”“>here</a>


A few weeks ago I posted about the Greek band Eleusis. Well, I got their CD as a Solstice gift (thanks, sweetie!) and have been listening to it quite a bit, and I can report that it definitely lives up to the samples! It’s not quite in the same category as Daemonia Nymphe as far as being useful for worship, but a number of tracks are quite suitable for that or for meditation, and the rest is still cool and interesting… and the last track, the hymn to Athena, is quite awe-inspiring.