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Post-working update

To be honest, I have no idea if tonight’s working had any effect at all… but as Rick reminded us that Daven pointed out once, sometimes you stand around for a while and then go home, and you just have to trust that it meant something and did some good.

As to what was done: I began with offerings of alcohol and tobacco (since it seems increasingly likely that some spirits native to the Americas don’t care for alcohol); introduced myself and stated my purpose; offered prayers of apology for what we are doing to the Gulf and of hope that the flow will be contained quickly; then I called on Poseidon and petitioned Him to lend what aid and strength He could both to the spirits of the area and to the people working to fix the problem; and finally I tried to open to let the healing energy flow through in a directed fashion, and then stood in the water for a while just being present and bearing witness.

To any of you who felt moved to join in sending your own energy, many thanks!