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Poetry – a new metrical form

Posted by Erik on December 10, 2009

I was inspired a little while back to devise a new metrical form, structured according to the Metonic cycle. Read the rest of this entry »


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Commonplace book #24

Posted by Erik on November 7, 2009

Then out spake brave Horatius, the Captain at the gate;
“To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his Gods…”

– Thomas Macaulay, from Lays of Ancient Rome

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A poem for the season

Posted by Erik on October 30, 2009

This is another very old piece, circa 1992. Can you tell what I was reading then? *

I suggest listening to ELO’s Fire on High while reading.  :-) Read the rest of this entry »

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Poem – “The Man of Letters”

Posted by Erik on August 24, 2009

Another one from the archives… Read the rest of this entry »

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Some fun light verse

Posted by Erik on July 31, 2009

Courtesy of the last issue of Amphora, I’ve just come across an amusing collection of humorous poetry on Greek myth by a trained Classicist, Scott Emmons. His targets include Prometheus (Come On Baby, Swipe My Fire) and Narcissus (I Only Have Eyes For Me), among others. Read the rest of this entry »

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Endangered species

Posted by Erik on May 27, 2009

Endangered Species *
(c) 2009 by Amy Minato

Published in Siesta Lane: one cabin, no running water and a year living green Read the rest of this entry »

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Words and music

Posted by Erik on April 21, 2009

I’ve been reading back through one of my favorite devotional texts Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Erik on April 11, 2009

Tracing of white
Delicate in still-bare woods
Dogwood in bloom

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Poetic fragment

Posted by Erik on January 17, 2009

This came to me the other morning as I was crawling up out of sleep… I’m not sure it’s great poetry, but it got me out of bed. :)

Fall not again into the abyss of sleep,
But rise and from your leaden slumber leap.
Let Morpheus’ chains no longer bind your eyes –
Cast off his silken fetters and arise!

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To Whom it may concern

Posted by Erik on September 19, 2008

(In response to Rachel Barenblat’s poem “Beat (Shoftim)) Read the rest of this entry »

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