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Classics resource for students

Complete archive of the Pompeiiana Newsletter. From the link:

The Pompeiiana Newsletter was created and edited by Bernard Barcio and ran from 1974 through 2003. Pompeiiana offered a place for Latin students to publish comics, stories, games, and articles, and was a beloved resource for Latin teachers. … It is my hope that Latin teachers, students, and enthusiasts, will continue to return to this blog to mine it for Latin readings, recipes, puzzles and games, comics, and insight into a cornucopia of Classics topics.

Free online video courses

I just came across this site courtesy of Anphivena at the Kerukeion blog: Academic Earth hosts videos of lecture series from several major universities, including some that may be of interest to readers of this blog… Anphivena linked to a course on ancient Greek history taught by Donald Kagan, for instance, and there’s one on Roman architecture that I would love to have the time to watch, as well as a history series on Science, Magic and Religion (if nothing else, I definitely plan to watch #10 in that series, “Nature and Romanticism”, very very soon!).


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I love comics and humorous illustration, always have. The following links are to my favorite comics of the past and present Continue reading

A new pan-polytheist foundation

Hrafnkell has just launched a new site and organization, Mos Maiorum (the name means “ways or traditions of the ancestors” in Latin). He describes the Foundation as “a non-profit, educational foundation dedicated to reviving the customs and traditions of our ancestors, to the idea of Paganism as ethnic religion.” The site is still growing, but there is a fair amount of content – much of which seems to be aimed at educating the general public about the history and worldview of traditional Western polytheistic religions (as opposed to both monotheistic faiths and modern Pagan religions such as Wicca). Check it out!

edited to add:

‘Tis the season, apparently! Shortly after posting this I read that Jeff at DruidJournal is launching a new bi-weekly newsletter. Given the depth and quality of Jeff’s blogging, I’m sure this will be an excellent resource.